Welcome to Color-Me Custom Painting.

While painting your home may seem like an easy DIY project, trust that getting the professionals involved makes a huge difference in the results. When you bring in painting companies that provide full services, you’ll be able to take back your weekend and save yourself some backaches. Color-Me-Custom Painting has been in business for over thirty years, and we complete both interior and exterior painting projects. While we specialize in texturing and ceiling work, we are highly skilled at all aspects of painting inside and outside.

We Use Precision and Care in Every Aspect of Home Painting

When you bring our specialists in for home painting, you’ll notice that we use precision and pay close attention to the details. With decades of experience and by gaining the trust of our customers, our full-service painting company has built a reputation of integrity. We take the preparation process seriously and plan everything accordingly. The safety of our customers and our crew, as well as protecting the items in and around the home, are a top priority. We know that the better prepared we are, the more accurately and more quickly the job will be completed.

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